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The Spokane Alliance's strength comes from our member organizations, aka “institutions”:  the congregations, labor unions, nonprofits, and other civic organizations that share a concern for the common good of our community. 

If your organization becomes an Alliance member institution, we will work with you to build a “core team.”  A core team is a group of volunteer leaders within a member institution. They intentionally build relationships among the organization’s members in order to listen for the community’s issues, and they find new volunteer leaders to engage in our work and the mission of your organization. The core team also acts as a liaison with the Alliance.

Member institutions commit to building teams of volunteer leaders to work on local issues that are agreed on by the Spokane Alliance's leadership team. By joining with other institutions that have similar goals and concerns, the Alliance members increase their collective power and work to achieve victories on local, city, and state-wide issues.

Member institutions pay annual dues to ensure that the Spokane Alliance has a secure and independent core budget and to support the work of the organization. This enables the Alliance to be accountable to its member organizations, not outside funders.

Spokane Alliance member institutions have many reasons for joining. They see:

  • that a core team can help to shift the culture of their organization into one that shares responsibility and leadership, is built on powerful relationships, and is responsive to the needs of their members,
  • the advantages of working with a diverse cross-cultural collection of organizations that are all concerned with social justice and community development,

  • the power of working in relationship with other organizations, which is ultimately more effective than working alone,

  • the richness of the relationships that can form in the process of working together, and

  • the possibility of increased influence in the Spokane area.

Other benefits of membership:

  • Free registration for an unlimited number of members in the local Leadership Institutes

  • Assistance with organizing local issue campaigns, as well as the ability to connect to Spokane Alliance's broader campaigns

  • Assistance with organizing strategies within member organizations

  • Representation in Alliance-wide decision-making on the Spokane Alliance Delegate Assembly


For more information on becoming a member institution of Spokane Alliance, please contact Katie Zinler, Lead Organizer (


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