Good Jobs & Public Benefits

Good Jobs have been a priority for the Spokane Alliance since our founding. Currently, the Jobs Team is focused on ensuring that all Public Works projects in the Spokane region create benefits for the whole community. We believe that the community is strengthened when more workers have health insurance and retirement benefits. 

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West Central Development Project

The West Central Development Project (WCDP) is a network of congregations and non-profits in the West Central neighborhood that are learning to use community organizing principles to address systemic poverty. Currently, the team is focused on the issue of affordable housing. This was identified as the top concern by guests and volunteers at the West Central Episcopal Mission's Wednesday night free Dinner Table.

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Healthcare Action Team

The Health Care Research Action Team conducted a Listening Campaign in Summer 2018 to identify the biggest health care pressures that members of the Spokane Alliance experience. We held face-to-face meetings with over 150 of our members. The top concerns that are most deeply and broadly felt are: unaffordable health care and insurance costs, complex and dehumanizing health care system, and a lack of mental health resources.



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