Health Care Action Team

The Mental Healthcare Research Action Team conducted a Listening Campaign in the Summer of 2018 to identify the biggest health care pressures that members of the Spokane Alliance experience. We held face-to-face meetings with over 150 of our members. The greatest need, with the most energy, behind it that surfaced was the need for mental health resources.

The team spent the following months connecting with other groups in our region like Spokane Regional Health District, Better Health Together, and our own members, like Transitions and Community Minded Enterprises to identify a more specific need within mental healthcare.

After months of research, the Spokane Alliance held a delegates assembly in Fall 2020 with representatives from all 35 of our member institutions that collectively chose to pursue mental health for children in early learning, ages 0-5 as our focus for action!

There are numerous barriers in accessing resources for children and families and we are in the process of identifying solutions that are concrete, specific, local, and winnable. Join us in our pursuit!


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