Health Care Action Team

The Health Care Research Action Team conducted a Listening Campaign in Summer 2018 to identify the biggest health care pressures that members of the Spokane Alliance experience. We held face-to-face meetings with over 150 of our members. The top concerns that are most deeply and broadly felt are: unaffordable health care and insurance costs, complex and dehumanizing health care system, and a lack of mental health resources.

Splitting into smaller teams, the Health Care Research Action Team (HRAT) members spent the fall and early winter of 2018 talking to other groups in our region like CHAS, the Spokane Regional Health District and local urban and rural hospitals and clinics who struggle to deal with issues of affordability, complexity and mental health services. The Team presented results of its needs assessment to Spokane City Council in November. 

Read the full report here. See the presentation summary here.

The results of our listening session will be used by WSU as they design their new mobile medical clinic. The mobile health clinic will be deployed in Fall 2019.

Building on this victory, the HRAT is currently in a research phase where we are talking to local experts and our own members to identify solutions to these top three concerns that are: concrete, specific, local, and winnable.

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