HEART - Housing Equity Action Research Team

HEART is a campaign team of the Spokane Alliance rooted in the West Central neighborhood that grew out of community organizing work at the West Central Episcopal Mission. Lack of stable, affordable, and dignified housing was identified as the top concern by guests and volunteers at the West Central Episcopal Mission's Wednesday night free Dinner Table.

As hundreds of people continue to sleep on the streets in Spokane and West Central, dozens of properties lay vacant and under utilized.

This winter and spring a team of volunteers walked the neighborhood to identify vacant lots and buildings that could be turned into desperately needed affordable housing. In West Central we found 33 homes that are either boarded up or have been unoccupied long-term. These homes become the locus of drug abuse and other criminal activity. We are currently working with affordable housing providers to research and identify strategies to capitalize on their local opportunities.

Results from our West Central Survey

33 vacant lots or buildings in the West Central neighborhood

Visit our calendar to find the next meeting time of the West Central Development Project.

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