Discussing 1590: Taking Action for Affordable Housing Funding in Spokane

Join us as we host a virtual action to gain information about the 1590 bill, hear from City Council members about their support, and how Spokane will be impacted by passing 1590. This bill will generate $5-6 million dollars a year for affordable housing in Spokane by increasing sales tax by a minor 0.1% (8.9% - 9.0%). Our city is facing a severe housing crisis, having major housing shortage, with near-zero vacancy rates. Personal testimonies will be shared by community members, questions will be answered by city council members, and action will be taken by all of us! 

A lack of affordable housing is a not just a problem for those currently homeless or in danger of becoming so, but every member of our community. Affordable housing is essential to a healthy community, so please join us as we bring attention and critical examination of 1590 at our community action event. 

Invite everyone and anyone to accompany you! 

October 14, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Katie Zinler and Chloe Sciammas ·

Will you come?

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