Truth & Reconciliation: Wrestling with the Truth of Colonization

We are currently wrestling with the truth of colonization within our own member institutions and focused on our own un-learning and re-learning. We hope to trustingly and appropriately engage in work that examines and addresses the consequences of our ongoing legacy of colonization through building meaningful and life-giving relationships with Indigenous leaders. Our aim is to bring the IAF's Wrestling with the Truth of Colonization and its Aftermath training to Spokane in the coming years. Please see below for more details about this training program.

We have a new Truth & Reconciliation Team that is made up of majority institutional leaders committed to taking the Wrestling training at our affiliates alliances, and beginning relationship building with Indigenous leaders

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HEART - Housing Equity Action Research Team

West Central HEART is the Housing Equity Action Research Team, a group of activated leaders from the Spokane Alliance and West Central Neighborhood working together to expand housing options in West Central. 
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Good Jobs & Public Benefits

Good Jobs have been a priority for the Spokane Alliance since our founding. Currently, the Jobs Team is focused on ensuring that all Public Works projects in the Spokane region create benefits for the whole community. We believe that the community is strengthened when more workers have health insurance and retirement benefits. 

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Mental Health x Child Care Action Team

When the pandemic began the longer-term issues facing families and the childcare industry were laid bare. Many member organizations of the Spokane Alliance represent front-line workers who were continuing to work through the early shut downs. Their lack of access to affordable childcare created crises for families and in our public services.

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