About Us

The Spokane Alliance is a non-partisan and non-profit alliance of congregations, unions, student and community groups in Spokane County representing over 20,000 adults.

We meet people face-to-face and build relationships that create the capacity in a community for leadership development, citizen-led action and strong relationships across the lines that often divide our communities.

Spokane Alliance is a multi-issue organization.  The issues we work on come from within our institutions, from the concerns of the people.  We cross economic, faith and neighborhood lines to find common ground and act on our values. 

We act on big problems by breaking them down into issues that can be addressed.  We listen to what is needed, find like-minded people to work with us for change, and engage leaders who can help us achieve our goals.

We believe in building power in order to have the capacity to act: power that is reciprocal, that is tempered by our values and traditions, and that includes more people in the dynamics of public life.

We don’t organize for justice and social change FOR people.

We organize for justice and social change WITH people.

We develop the diverse voices of our community, building relationships across religion, race, class, and neighborhood lines. Together new community leaders build power to make the positive changes we want to see in our region.

“As a pastor I find my relationship with the Spokane Alliance very rewarding. The training in leadership, the cycle of organizing and action and reflection is extremely helpful to the volunteer leaders in my church. I find the deep relationships forged across a diverse community, with union workers, teachers, students and many others, very encouraging as we work together for the common good in our community. Because of the Spokane Alliance, our church is a stronger, more effective voice for justice and compassion in our city. My congregation can do more together with the Spokane Alliance, than we could possibly do alone.”

Pastor Andy CastroLang, Westminster United Church of Christ