New Spokane Alliance member tackling child care

COVID-19 has peeled back a veneer of normalcy that the status quo had blanketed over our broken systems. When presented with public health and economic challenges, many of our institutions were exposed for their precarious nature: unemployment benefits, healthcare, supply chains, schools, and others revealed how decades of underinvestment left them unable to withstand adversity.

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Cost of Child Care in Washington

The Child Care Collaborative Task Force was charged by the Washington State Legislature with creating four reports that analyze the status of child care and provide policy recommendations to provide affordable and accessible child care to all Washington families by 2025. The flyer below illustrates the current child care crisis based on information from the first report published by the taskforce in November 2019. 

Parkview Early Learning Center's (Spokane Alliance Child Care Organization) Luc Jasmin is a Tri-Chair for the Task Force. 

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UFCW 1439 glorified as "Heros" in name only

Spokane Alliance member United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1439 and its members have been busy navigating a hazardous environment where the gratitude for their profession has poured in from executives thanking them as “heroes” for their pivotal work to keep our communities nourished.

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2018 IAF Victories

We're proud to be part of our national network - the Industrial Areas Foundation - local community alliances of everyday people that build power and fight for justice and equity every day. Read about our victories in 2018 on issues from criminal justice reform to strengthening unions and immigration.

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Vote your Values - Housing and Homelessness

On October 10th, the Spokane Alliance hosted a Candidates Forum to focus on the crisis in homelessness and housing. All candidates running for Spokane City offices were invited to participate. We asked each candidate if they would work with us on our priorities. Read their answers here. 

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We Support Prop 1

Why we Support Prop 1

In February, Spokane city voters will be asked to vote on Prop 1, a measure that will raise money for public safety through funding firefighters and police officers.

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Action Team Quarterly Update

Here is the Quarterly Update on the Spokane Alliance Research Action Teams - the Jobs Team, Health Care Research Action, and the West Central Development Project - for Winter 2019.

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Spokane Responds to Immigration Raids

Spokane Alliance joined the community in rejecting federal immigration agents' practice of searches and seizures on Greyhound buses. The City Council passed an emergency ordinance to outlaw the practice, but it has yet to be enforced by the Mayor.

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