Our Vision

Strong Leaders

We believe in the ability of everyday people to take leadership and transform their communities. Leaders are not born, but made. The Spokane Alliance is committed to training and developing local leaders so that they can change the economic and social structures that affect their lives. We practice the "Iron Rule": Never do for others what they can do for themselves.

Thriving Communities

The Spokane Alliance is a multi-issue organization. The issues we work on come from within our member institutions, from the concerns of the people in face-to-face conversations. We cross class, race, faith, and neighborhood lines to find common ground. Together we build our collective power to fight for the solutions we need to address the most pressing issues in our communities. We believe that when we act together, not only do we create the changes that we need to thrive, but also transform our society and include more people in the dynamics of public life. Democracy is not merely voting, but actively engaging in the public arena to solve challenges in our communities.

Vibrant Institutions

Spokane Alliance members are the organizations that make up our democratic society. By fostering cultures within our member organizations that are relational, action-oriented and reflective, we help strengthen each organization to act on its own mission and our collective capacity to exercise power for the common good.