The Spokane Alliance has various leadership structures that help guide our direction.  These include:

  • Delegate Assembly- consisting of voting delegates from each member institution, setting the direction for the Spokane Alliance's organizing work.


  • Strategy Team - an active committee of the Delegate Assembly, that provides leadership and guidance between gatherings. This team is responsible for guiding and implementing the strategy of the organization. Current Strategy Team members are:

Shelby Berkompas, Co-chair, SEIU 1199NW

Kerra Bower, Co-chair, Little Scholars Development Center

Brian Walter, Sheet Metal Workers Local 55

Jason Benway, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 73

Mary Lou Johnson, Inland Northwest Unitarian Universalist Community

Kathryn Garras, Refugee Connections

Katie Jessop, Lumen High School & GLOW Children

Dr. Luis Manriquez, Health Equity Circle

Sheila Collins, Fuse Washington

Ami Manning, Transitions

Matt Chapman, Ironworkers 14


  • Research Action Teams - guide our issue work. These volunteer leaders do all the work of researching an issue with experts in the field, focusing and planning a concrete and winnable campaign which they then ratify with the Delegate Assembly. Check out our campaigns page for more information about our current work.


  • Institutional Leaders Caucus -  a gathering of the institutional staff who are primarily responsible for the well-being of their organizations. Clergy and union staff gather to have conversations with each other about how to understand their larger role in society and how organizing through the Spokane Alliance can help further their institution’s values and goals.


  • Board of Directors -The Spokane Alliance is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization that is a network of member institutions with a governing Board of Directors that includes elected officers. The Spokane Alliance works closely with the Spokane Alliance United, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with a separate Board of Directors. Both Boards are responsible for their organization’s financial oversight, organizational function, and fundraising. The Spokane Alliance Board is also responsible for personnel. Current Board members are:

Spokane Alliance Board

Mary Lou Johnson, President, Inland Northwest Unitarian Universalist Community

Matt Chapman, Secretary/Vice President, Iron Workers Local 14

Faith Hayflich, Treasurer, Congregation Emanu-El

Jason Benway, At-large, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 73

Edie Rice-Sauer, At-large, FUSE WA

Spokane Alliance United Board

Jason Benway, President, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 73

Kimmy Meinecke, Secretary/Vice President, St. David’s Episcopal Church

Faith Hayflich, Treasurer, Congregation Emanu-El

Mary Lou Johnson, At-large, Inland Northwest Unitarian Universalist Community

Kerra Bower, At-large, Little Scholars Development Center

2024 Winter Delegates Assembly