All In For Washington

A regional initiative of IAF Washington - uniting the Spokane and Sound Alliances - the Budget and Policy Center, and other statewide allies, All In For Washington aims to engage Washington state residents to make a collective judgement on financing for government services such as K-12 education, higher education, physical and mental health care, public safety, and the social safety net.


This has significant implications for every person in our State: Will our Legislature decide to take funding away that sustain other services, in order to meet the court’s mandate? Will the legislature approve new revenue sources which would allow funding for education to increase without decreasing funding for other services? What do Washington’s citizens actually want the Legislature to do?

The All In For Washington campaign opened the dialogue on revenue and budget reform by: listening to Spokane Alliance members to understand how the state budget affects our families, our neighborhood and our cities; meeting with local experts and people directly affected by problems to learn more about what is happening and what solutions might help; and making judgments about which potential solutions both fit with our values and are politically feasible. We engaged our elected officials in candidate forums and throughout the legislative session to share what we’ve learned and to work together to resolve this situation.