Housing Equity and Action

HEART, the Housing Equity Action Research Team, leads our affordable housing work. HEART is a group of activated leaders from the Spokane Alliance and West Central Neighborhood working together to expand housing options in West Central and all of Spokane.
Read on to learn about the team and for an update on the May 2nd Housing Assembly!

This May, the Spokane Alliance is hosting a housing assembly to ask Mayor Lisa Brown and Spokane City Leaders to restore the integrity of the local housing dollars generated through the HB 1590 Housing Levy.

RSVP to attend and learn more about this exciting action! 

Many members of the team call West Central home, and others joined from Spokane Alliance member institutions including Transitions, the West Central Development Project, the West Central Abbey, and Salem Lutheran Church. 

HEART has identified some of the major pressures impacting housing in West Central and Spokane and is building power by meeting with leaders on housing equity in the city. 

If you are interested in joining us to build power with those who live, work, or worship in West Central to shape the housing landscape in the neighborhood, please reach out to Laurel Fish at [email protected]

Check out some HEART wins here.


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