Proposed City Budget Would Raid Affordable Housing Fund

Mayor Woodward wants to prevent the construction of affordable housing by diverting the 1590 Housing Levy funds away from building affordable homes. 

Home. It’s where we lay our heads and make our memories. This most basic of human needs has become out of reach for so many of our neighbors due to dramatic rises in housing prices.

In 2020, the Spokane Alliance organized to ask that the City of Spokane implement a long term, sustainable solution to fund the creation of new affordable housing units. After hearing from members of the Spokane Alliance, FUSE, and the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium (SLIHC), the City agreed to implement a 0.1% local sales tax, intended to generate $6M a year for 20 years and fund the creation of 2000 homes.

On Monday 11/21 and 12/05, we are mobilizing to tell City Council City to keep us on the path to ending homelessness by keeping affordable housing dollars for affordable homes. Join as an audience member or to provide testimony!

We can ensure that everyone has a place to call home in our communities by coming together to protect the Housing Levy funds that we fought for from being raided to patch a hole in the Mayor’s budget.


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