Spokane City Strengthens Quality Jobs

Last night, Spokane City Council passed an update to the 2014 Apprenticeship Utilization Ordinance. This is a victory our Jobs Team has been working towards since 2019. This update will ensure that the ordinance works the way it was intended and that we are creating as many opportunities for apprentices as possible.

The Apprenticeship Utilization Ordinance sets standards for all public works projects over $350,000. It requires that 15% of the workers employed are apprentices and incentivizes the sourcing of local materials. It will also now:

  • require that the apprenticeship hours are completed in each craft not just by one craft, and
  • increase the fines for contractors who have repeated violations.

The update passed 6-1. Take a second to say thank you to our allies in the City Council. You can send an email to: [email protected]. You can use the sample email below.

Say Thank You to the City Council for Quality Jobs Update 

To: [email protected]

Title: Thank you for Strengthening the Quality Jobs Ordinance

Dear Spokane City Council,

Thank you for acting in the best interest of our community and updating the Apprenticeship Utilization Ordinance. As a resident of Spokane and a member of the Spokane Alliance, I believe our public dollars should be used for public investments for the public good. Thank you for recognizing this and strengthening our commitment to creating good jobs in the City of Spokane. This update will continue to provide opportunities to apprentices in the skilled trades and train the workforce of the future.



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