Vote your Values - Housing and Homelessness

On October 10th, the Spokane Alliance hosted a Candidates Forum to focus on the crisis in homelessness and housing. All candidates running for Spokane City offices were invited to participate. We asked each candidate if they would work with us on our priorities. Read their answers here. 


We asked the candidates that attended: If you were elected...

  1. Would you fund 24/7 warming shelters with showers, lockers, and services? 
  2. Would you work with us to change the state law so that funds from TIFs (Tax Increment Financing) can be used for affordable housing?
  3. With increased funding from HB 1406 - a rebate of state sales tax for local affordable housing - what would be your priorities? 
  4. Will you meet with the Spokane Alliance regularly to work together?
  5. What would be your first concrete step to address the crisis in homelessness and housing?