New in November: Get out the Vote, Organizing for Health Equity, Local Training!

Your monthly newsletter is here. In this edition read about our successful Get Out the Vote effort, an update from the Health Equity Circle and HEART team, plus much more!

Spokane Alliance Knocks on Over 1000 Doors for Get Out the Vote

In the weeks leading up to the election, we mobilized through our member institutions to make sure that unlikely, underrepresented voters had the information they needed to vote.  Together, we organized over 60 volunteer shifts and knocked on over 1000 doors across the city!

Thank you to all the volunteers who made our Get Out The Vote effort a success! We know that high-quality, face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to increase voter turnout. Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up to make these conversations happen. 

Election Day is tomorrow! If you have not sent in your ballot, please do so by Nov 8th!

Get Out The Vote Action Day 2

NEW DATES for Foundations of Organizing Training

NEW DATES! Join us on two Saturdays: January 21st and 28th for the Foundations of Community Organizing Leadership Training. 


Dr. Luis Manriquez and Alliance Organizers Teach Community Organizing for Health Equity

Each semester, Dr. Luis Manriquez and Spokane Alliance Organizers co-teach an inter-professional elective course designed to expose students to fundamental concepts of health equity and relational organizing. Community Organizing for Health Equity brings together students from Gonzaga University, WSU’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine and University of Washington Medical School to prepare them to take action with the Health Equity Circle and other community organizations

During last week’s class, students had the chance to conduct research action meetings with community experts about current organizing efforts. We welcomed Kerra Bower (Little Scholars Development Center and Raze), Stephaine Courtney (The Learning Project), Naghmana Sherazi (The Lands Council), and Hallie Burchinal (Compassionate Addiction Treatment) to discuss their organizing around childcare, environmental health, racial justice and harm reduction. 

As the semester wraps up, we hope this class gives students the foundation to engage with local organizing efforts by connecting them with existing community organizations, campaigns, and other socially active individuals.

Watch the Housing and Help Video Series

The Spokane Alliance is invested in organizing for housing justice in our city, through the work of HEART, a research action team started by member institutions in the West Central Neighborhood.

Learn more about how we organize with our neighbors in West Central here.

HEART wants to share with you the video series from Housing and Help, a media series supported by the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium that shares about the housing crisis in Spokane and the work being done with and by those most impacted by houselessness. 

The first video reviews the forces causing this crisis, and the following two highlight stories from Camp Hope, where we learn from residents and service providers what it means to them to live or work at Camp Hope, and where we as a city can go from here to better care for all our neighbors.  


Refugee & Immigrant Connections Spokane

Refugee Connections Spokane, a member organization of the Alliance, has officially changed its name to Refugee & Immigrant Connections, Spokane (RICS). They choose to do so as a way to align with their mission of serving those in the Inland Northwest. 

Check out the RICS website and be sure to watch for new programs to launch such as "Welcome To Spokane" and a wellness program.

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