Sick leave would change lives

I am so glad the Spokane City Council is considering passing an earned sick and safe leave policy for all workers in Spokane. I’ve been a care provider here for 30 years, now working part-time to supplement my Social Security. My industry is full of hard-working people, but many are still struggling to get by. In our state, 30 percent of home care workers and their families live in poverty. There’s just no extra money to fall back on when we miss work.


Spokesman Review - Susie Young - Sun. June 14, 2015

I have friends who are working and raising their grandchildren. Last month, my friend had to go to the elementary school to pick up her sick grandchild, not for the first time this year. Because of that, she lost wages she desperately needs.

My friends never complain about the sacrifices they make. But a few hours of lost wages could mean gas in the car, paying a bill or even food on the table. When we are sick, or our own children are sick, or even the grandchildren that we are raising, it would make a huge difference in our lives to have earned sick and safe time. I hope to see this policy pass soon in Spokane.


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