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Spokane Medical Student Helps To Contact, Monitor Covid Patients

Spokane public health officials have recruited medical and nursing students to be part of an enhanced contact tracing team. Their job will be to contact and follow people who test positive for the coronavirus. One Washington State University medical student is already involved in a similar effort.

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Spokane Alliance Urges County To Widely Share $90 Million In CARES Act Money

The federal government is sending about $90 million from the coronavirus recovery fund to Spokane County. County commissioners say they’re interested in hearing how people want that to be divided. They’ve created an online survey for people to fill out. But one Spokane group hopes they’ll do more to make sure the money gets into the right hands. The county commissioners say they’re working with their regional partners to develop an economic recovery strategy. Members of the Spokane Alliance worry that strategy will heavily tilt toward aid for business. Some of that is fine, they say. Bishop Gretchen Rehberg from the Episcopal Church urges the commissioners to think broadly.

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